Frequently asked questions.

Do I need a referral?
No, you don’t need a referral to consult an osteopath.   Some patients however, who suffer from chronic conditions, may be eligible to receive treatment under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Scheme, which requires a referral from your general practitioner.  Please discuss this with your GP at your next visit.

Is Osteopathy covered by health funds?
Yes, osteopathy is covered by most health funds, and will depend on your level of cover.  Please enquire with your fund, and remember to bring your health fund card to your consultation, for easy on -the- spot claiming through Hicaps.

What does a consultation involve?
Your initial consultation will involve you signing a consent form for treatment, and a thorough history being taken.  This will incorporate questions about your complaint, but also a medical history including previous accidents, injuries, surgeries, family history, and current medications.  An examination and assessment will follow, which may involve some basic medical examinations, such as taking your blood pressure, neurological, or orthopaedic testing.  Treatment usually involves you laying on a treatment table, and you may be asked to remove items of clothing to allow soft tissue massage to occur.  Underwear remains on at all times, and a gown will be provided, if you prefer.  It’s a good idea to wear loose clothing or bring a pair of shorts to change into.  Treatment involves a range of manual techniques including massage, stretching, and gentle mobilisation of the joints.

A subsequent consultation will involve a reassessment, and follow-up treatment.  Usually patients are prescribed with exercises and home advice, to help their condition.  Sometimes patients may be referred for X-rays, or to another heath professional if necessary.

Is Osteopathy suitable for all ages?
Yes, Osteopathy is a very gentle form of manual therapy, and treatment will be appropriate to the patient.  Although reactions to treatment can unfortunately sometimes occur, osteopaths are trained be aware of contraindications to treatment, and patient safety is always considered of the utmost importance.

What should I bring to my consultation?
It is useful for you to bring an X-rays, scan or tests results that you may have.  Also a list of current medications you may be taking.  It’s a good idea to wear loose clothing to your consultation, or you may like to bring a pair of shorts to change into.  Patients under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

How do I make an appointment?
You can phone us on (03) 54800012 to make an appointment, or click the ‘Book now online’ tab on the home page of this website.

Can I receive treatment under work cover?
Yes, however you will need to bring the following documentation to your initial consultation:
- A referral from your GP stating the type of injury, date of injury, and site/s of injury.
- A letter from the work cover insurance company stating your claim has been accepted.
- Details of your employer at the time of injury, the insurance company’s contact details, your claim number, and claims officer within the insurance company if known.

Can I receive treatment under Medicare?
Yes, you may receive up to five treatments under Medicare annually, however you need to be referred by your GP under the ‘Enhanced Primary Care’ (EPC) scheme.  This scheme pertains to chronic conditions only, therefore please discuss your eligibility with your GP.


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